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INCLUDES: 1 - 2 mobile carts, all specialty and regular hot dogs on our menu and condiments. Hours include serving time only and don't include setup or breakdown time. At your request, up to 50% of second or surplus servings can be included and charged only as needed. Available toppings/condiments at no additional charge are grilled onions, cream cheese, chili, ketchup, mustard, spicy mustard, relish, bbq sauce, sweet chili, Sriracha, mayo, grated cheese, jalapeños and sauerkraut.

LOCATIONS: Up to 30 miles outside Tacoma are included in the price. After that, there is a minimum 100 serving requirement + a $3 per additional mile charge outside our service area (one way).

GRATUITY/TAX: A 20% charge is added to the bill to cover tax and service fees (no tips are taken at catered events).

DEPOSIT: 50% to book the event; 50% of which is refundable with cancelation more than 30 days prior. The remaining 50% + additional servings or charges are due at least 5 days before the event.

SCHEDULE: Events can take place anytime, 24/7. To schedule, please email and give us your EVENT LOCATION, HEAD COUNT and TIME / DATE of your event. We’ll then send you a digital invoice to pay your deposit online and reserve your date.
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